Posted by: rstor | September 30, 2015

Autumn Hacking

horse riding road ok

The autumn time can be glorious for hacking with cooler temperatures, softer ground – not to the mention particularly beautiful countryside at this time of year, but it can be tough to enjoy when our nerves get in the way so if you get anxious when hacking out- this blog is for you! 

The best way to combat fear of hacking is to understand what you can do when your horse spooks out hacking as utilising basic safety measures will help you to keep you and your equine safe on the roads. Remember your horse or pony is a flight animal which means it is natural for them to run away from something they are afraid of- it is your job, through your riding, to convince him that there is nothing to be afraid of and it’s safe to walk past.

Five Top Tips from RS-tor for for Hacking Safely

1.) Firstly optimise your safety and always wear correct safety clothing including a high specification riding helmet, body protector and high visibility clothing.

2.) If your equine is nervous reassure him with your voice offering a powerful way to give your horse confidence, soothe him and help calm your own nerves too.

3.) If your horse is nervous or difficult to hack, ride out in company as then if you come across an object your equine is fearful of and he won’t go forward, you can boost his confidence and minimise risk by receiving a lead from another horse. Avoid riding in large groups with a nervous horse but stick to having a partner or even 2 other horses with your nervy equine!

4.) Know your highway code. If you come across a hazard in the road such as parked cars or road works signal right and retake the reins before passing the hazard. Always give a ‘life-saver’ look behind before moving out around the obstacle ensuring you have sufficient clearance.

5.) Carry a RS-tor Riding Safety Aid which attaches to the saddle and features a strap that is comfortably held like a riding crop. The RS-tor has a ‘bungee’ element that helps prevents rider falls by ‘absorbing’ the velocity of being unseated. The RS-tor’s is easy to hold offering riders a square stopper to stop or slow a fall when the fall prevention aspect comes into effect if the horse spooks, bucks, rears, cat-leaps or stumbles.  In addition its confidence-boosting benefits are always experienced!

To find out more about the RS-tor Riding Safety Aid visit the website at

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