Posted by: rstor | August 12, 2015

Wendy Recovers from a Loss in Confidence with her trusty RS-tor!

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Here at RS-tor we love to hear the stories of our happy customers and the riders’ the RS-tor Riding Safety Aid helps support. We recently heard from Wendy Taylor who had a nasty fall in the Spring of 2014 resulting in a loss of confidence in the saddle.

Wendy says… 

“I’ve been working away quietly at home, using the RS-tor every time I ride! We’ve been doing lots of confidence building and we’ve managed a few hacks out and the RS-tor definitely helped when we had a couple of big spooks at monsters and tigers hiding in the bushes!

Also wanted to let you know that we made it out to our first show yesterday, since my accident. My trusty RS-tor obviously came with us! My boy Mr Foster was an absolute star – he won his ridden coloured class and took reserve coloured champion! I was so very happy and proud with this achievement.

I believe that the RS-tor helps me physically (in that if he does a big spook, it helps to keep me in the saddle) and mentally (I strongly believe that it gives me the confidence required, so that I ride differently, with more purpose).

I continue to use the RS-tor and tell people about how amazing it is!

Thank you again so much

Wendy and Mr Foster”

To find out more about the RS-tor Riding Safety Aid, used by Wendy Taylor, visit the website at

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