Posted by: rstor | May 6, 2015

The RS-tor Ideal for Hunter Trials!

Many equestrians love competing in Hunter Trials and now we have finally said goodbye to the winter months, these fun events are cropping up all over the UK. The season usually lasts all the way until the autumn and the adrenaline fuelled discipline involves the horse and rider combination tackling a set cross country course, usually offered at different heights and classes, in an optimum time. 

The joy of hunter trials is that they are open to all, so the events are suitable for ponies and cobs at the lower levels and cater for the ‘sportier combinations’ as the heights increase. Remember prior to entering a hunter trial it is important to ensure your horse or pony is sufficiently fit, sound and healthy to compete!

What do you need? 

A simple kit is required for hunter trials with the horse just needing their own comfortable, well-fitted jumping tack, a numnah, protective boots and it is also wise to use a breastplate for safety reasons when competing in cross country competitions incase the saddle slips back! For the rider a pair of cream jodhpurs, long black boots, cross country colours top, or in some instances a tweed jacket, a body protector and high specification riding hat.

The RS-tor Riding Safety Aid also provides riders a beneficial, safety tool to accompany them cross country. Ideal for hunter trials riding the RS-tor has a ‘bungee’ element that helps prevents rider falls by ‘absorbing’ the velocity of being unseated. The RS-tor’s is easy to hold, simply held in the hand like a riding crop but offering riders a square stopper to stop or slow a fall when the fall prevention aspect comes into effect if the horse spooks, bucks, rears, cat-leaps or stumbles.  In addition its confidence-boosting benefits are always experienced allowing riders to compete with confidence!

Always check with the organisers of each event you are permitted to ride with the RS-tor

How Should you Prepare? 

Ridden work including hill work, riding in a correct outline and lunging exercises will help to develop good condition alongside offering high quality feed which is nutritionally balanced. Here are RS-tor’s five top tips for getting your horse hunter trial fit!

1.) Begin your fitness schedule with walk work. Start by walking your equine for 20 minutes and build it up for over an hour. Walking up and down hills is particularly good for balance, conditioning and muscle development.

2.) Use extended periods of canter work when your horse or pony’s fitness increases in order to improve and build your horse’s cardiac endurance but make sure you give your equine plenty of walks in between to break up the work!

3.) Ride around five times per week offering your horse variety in his routine; include flatwork schooling, jumping and plenty of hacking on mixed terrain too! Practice your cross country and always include the elements which can be ‘spooky’ in your sessions. These include such as ditches, water and steps to name but a few! Remember for your horse’s welfare not to cross country school too often as it is hard work for them- unless absolutely necessary to go more often, around every 2 weeks is ideal!

4.) Always ensure you always complete a sufficient warm up and cool down process to protect your equine’s muscles, tendons and ligaments from injury and after riding if the weather is cool cover your horse with a absorbent rug after training and competing.

5.) Finally if you don’t feel sufficiently prepared book in for a cross country training session with an accredited trainer. They will help you iron out any problems prior to the competition day!

If you want to find out more about the benefits of the RS-tor when riding cross country watch our video below.

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