Posted by: rstor | April 8, 2015

RS-tor TREC rider Dot Still updates us on her latest adventures!

dot still pic by Steve Wall MED RES

RS-tor rider safety aid ambassador rider,South Lanarkshire-based Dot Still, was chosen to become an ambassador RS-tor rider as result of her success within the discipline of TREC, whose prestigious winter series of indoor competitions sponsored by RS-tor, are just drawing to a close.

Dot recently had a bad fall and keeping safe is a priority, for her own riding ambitions and for the sake of her family; hence she recommends the RS-tor whenever riding.

Our last blog featuring Dot covered her story of when she got back in the saddle for the first time since her accident but since then Dot has been busy getting back into full swing riding wise.

Here is what Dot has to say…

“I had only just got back on board in my last blog and oh how things have changed!

At the beginning of the year, my main goal was just to get back on. My goal has now shifted to full competition mode and the sights have been set on competing at the highest level in TREC (International and L4)!

The selection criteria for Team GB selection for the World Championships in Spain 2016 have just been compiled. It is crucial that I compete and score well this year with 4 placings from this years events and 2 from next years to count. One of the other criteria is that we must compete abroad at least once during the selection period.

I have competed abroad a fair bit over the last 4 years and it really brings a new learning to our sport as different countries have different challenges.

My first TREC competition of the year will be in Holland at the end of April and my fittening programme is well under way.

I am a great believer in

  1. A) making sure I am fit for purpose and
  2. B) more importantly making sure my horse is fit enough.

Due to my injuries from last year, a lot of exercises were undertaken and some of the exercises are still are a bit difficult to do but I have been doing a lot of walking, and more recently doing some hill walking (over and above mucking out several horses a day).  I do Pilates and regular physio as it is important to be riding fit too as The POR phase can involve 8 hours in the saddle, leaving enough in the tank to complete a cross country type obstacle course the next day.

I am a very firm believer in the horse being well prepared and I always work on the basis that it takes 3 months to get them fit enough to compete at this level. Granted all horses are different but if a good three months are put in, you should be pretty much there.

To this end, I have for the last 6 weeks been riding my two horses Max and Wahiki five days a week.

Wahiki is the one that I will be trying to be selected on and he is on a strict programme.

Our week generally looks something like this

Monday: Hillwork

Tuesday: Roadwork

Wednesday: Schooling

Thursday: long hack

Friday: Schooling, obstacles practice.

We have not jumped since June last year but a lesson is booked for tomorrow with Andrew Hamilton and am confident that this will put the ghost to rest . The RS-tor will be firmly attached to both me and the saddle.

I have ridden a lot with it now and don’t even notice it is there. It does not interfere at all with the holding of the reins and it has become my silent friend.

After putting a lot into the flatwork, I decided to enter a BD dressage event and to my great surprise, as Charlotte and Valegro, we are not, we won the first class which qualifies us for the Scottish Champs and we scored over 62% in the second class which gave us two qualifying scores towards the Pet Plan regionals. We are entered for this weekend to try to get our third and final qualifying score and then hopefully move up to the next level.

Clever TREC pony!!!

So the season is well and truly under way  and I am really looking forward to sharing some great adventures with all the RS-tor fans.”

Thanks Dot, Happy riding! To find out more about the RS-tor riding safety aid, as recommended by Dot Still visit the website 

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