Posted by: rstor | March 11, 2015

Safety in the Saddle; RS-tor takes a Look at Common Problems Part 2

grey horse spooking_napping

Safety in the Saddle

In the second part of our two part blog series RS-tor takes a look at common issues causing riders to fall, and shows how to prevent them, with some help from RS-tor rider safety aid’s riders, this time; Michaela Huntington and Polly Tucker!

In the first article we took a look at common issues; bucking and spooking and in this blog we take a look at cat-leaping and rearing!


Cat leaping when jumping is when the horse takes a very large jump, according to instructor Michaela Huntington. It is often caused by a take off point that’s too far off, e.g. too early. This in turn is often caused by a too fast approach, and an over-long canter stride. It can be uncontrolled and dangerous.

Furthermore the horse may cat leap because he’s too close to the fence, conversely often caused by going too slowly with a lack of impulsion, on a canter stride that is too short and weak.

Michaela advises ‘Practice finding the perfect take off point by developing the control to adjust your horse’s paces before the fence. With a horse prone to cat leaping, always sit up and make sure your stirrups are short enough to keep you in balance.’


Rearing is a dangerous behaviour for both rider and equine. If your horse rears you are in danger of being unseated or fallen on, and a horse that rears and loses its balance can easily fall and injure itself.

Eventer Polly Tucker says, “Most often a horse will give some indication that a rear is coming, allowing you a split second to plan what you can do. If a horse rears while you are riding, keep your weight well forward and centred, leaning forwards in the saddle, following the horse’s movement. Don’t pull on the reins because you could pull the horse’s head back, causing it to lose its balance and fall.

This is where the RS-tor comes in handy, as by holding it securely you can help keep your weight in the saddle without being tempted to pull on the reins.”

The RS-tor rider safety aid’s fall prevention aspect comes into effect when the horse spooks, bucks, rears, cat-leaps or stumbles. RRP £44.99 – Childs, S and M/L sizes. Call 01842 752020 to order or visit

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