Posted by: rstor | December 10, 2014

The RS-tor comes up Trumps in Equine Magazine’s Tried and Tested!

review in Equine mag dec issue T&T-2

Equine Magazine recently had the opportunity to Try and to Test out the RS-tor Riding Safety Aid. They gave the rider safety aid  to Rob Williams, proprietor of Glenwood Stud to try out! Here is what Rob had to say…

“We have been very pleased with this safety aid here at Glenwood. We are breaking youngsters now that the stud season is over and it has proved invaluable. Firstly it is very easy to fit onto the saddle as it fits to the stirrup bars easily. It is also easy to handle when riding, just hold it so the rubber rests flat on the top of the hand. It makes a rider feel very secure indeed knowing that if the horse does buck or rear you can keep your balance and stay very secure in the saddle.

It also helps riders stay in a rhythm with the horse, and it is always to hand if something should go wrong.

I believe the RS-tor will be beneficial for Novice riders, children and experienced riders dealing with youngsters etc.. All in all it is  valuable asset to have around to use and helps us stay safe!”

Great to hear that Rob Williams has firmly found a spot for the RS-tor Riding Safety Aid at his yard! To find out more about the RS-tor or to purchase yours today visit the website at  

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