Posted by: rstor | September 10, 2014

RS-tor Sponsors the Winter TREC Series!

Trec picture to accompany winter series news

TREC GB, the riding discipline’s governing body, has appointed the RS-tor rider safety aid as sponsor of its prestigious winter series of indoor TREC competitions.

The RS tor Rider Safety Aid TREC GB Winter league runs nationwide from October 1st until March 31st; almost any horse and rider combination are able to enter. The full TREC League runs from March to October and comprises three main elements – orienteering on horseback (POR), control of paces (CoP) and cross-country/obstacle course (PTV). The indoor winter series includes control of paces (CoP) and a cross-country/obstacle course (PTV).

The winter series is an ideal introduction to TREC, especially as there is no map reading element; it is a wonderful way to compete in a friendly environment while developing key riding skills. The RS-tor, designed as a falls prevention aid and to boost rider confidence on an unpredictable or spooky horse, is ideal for TREC enthusiasts, and may be used at all levels of the discipline. The RS-tor team looks forward to launching the Series shortly!


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