Posted by: rstor | June 18, 2014

RS-tor Retailer Libby’s at the Hickstead Derby!

The Hickstead Derby is one of the most famous equestrian events in the world. Founded in 1960 by the late Douglas Bunn, it is the only competition that sees riders take on the front descent of the infamous Derby Bank, the biggest of its kind to be found anywhere in the world. It is an iconic event which is well attended by equestrians and spectators each year.

As well as the Derby the event sees a host of national show jumping classes, a polo match and carriage driving showcases equestrian talent from many different spheres.

But here at RS-tor what we really need to tell you all about is the unrivaled shopping village with a host of equestrian companies including our retailer the fabulous Libby’s International.  With a wide variety of products for horse and rider Libby’s also stocks the RS-tor Riding Safety Aid, so if you are interested in having a look or finding out more about the riding safety aid before you buy; don’t hesitate both the Hickstead Derby and Libbys International! 


For more information about the RS-tor riding safety aid visit the website 





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