Posted by: rstor | June 4, 2014

RS-tor; Perfect for Polo!


Are you an avid polo player or would like to take up the exhilarating, exciting game known as “The Sport of Kings”?

Polo was once thought of to be solely an elitist sport but it has recently started to become more available outside the realms of the rich and famous. Group polo lessons including a hired pony are offered by many clubs giving the amateur polo player the chance to experience the sport and have lessons.

Whether you play polo regularly or are just taking up the sport you will require the necessary kit for both you and your horse including protective boots for you and your horse, a mallet and a robust rider helmet. 

If you are only just taking up the sport it may also be beneficial to invest in the RS-tor in order to promote keeping your balance in the saddle; especially when reaching for a tricky shot and your safety is hanging in the balance!

The RS-tor attaches to the stirrup bars and has an innovative ‘bungee’ element which helps prevent rider falls by absorbing the velocity of being unseated.

The perfect piece of kit for keeping your seat when taking up polo RS-tor can help riders of all levels keep an handle on the situation especially when travelling at speed and making tight turns!

The RS-tor  Rider Safety Aid is suitable for a variety of different disciplines including polo and for all levels of ability. Used by numerous professional riders, including Dressage riders, Eventers and Show Jumpers.

For more information visit the website 

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