Posted by: rstor | April 23, 2014

Becoming a Confident Rider with RS-tor & Horse Magazine Part 2

Horse Special Edition May 2014

Horse Magazine recently published their special edition magazine for Spring. The Complete Guide to Riding from Horse Magazine is now available from a wide range of retailers nationwide and RS-tor were thrilled to be asked to sponsor a section dubbed ’20 ways to become a confident rider’.

In part two of our riding confidence blog series we take a look at the feature from Horse Magazine and share the next step of top tips for rider confidence with you all!  To see tips 1-5 visit our website to see part 1 of the blog!

Top Tips to Become a more Confident Rider 

6.) Wear good protective gear! 

A correctly fitting riding hat is an absolute must, but some riders also find wearing a body protector or an air jacket can give them an extra confidence boost. Knowing you are less likely to hurt yourself in a fall because you have taken every safety precaution is likely to encourage you to ride more confidently!

7.) Book some lunge lessons

A great way to improve your riding position and in turn make you more secure in the saddle is to have some lunge lessons. The teacher takes responsibility for controlling the horse so you are able to focus 100% on your riding.

8.) Find a role model

Gain inspiration by aspiring to be like someone you admire whether that is someone stylish you have seen at your local riding school or a fully fledged professional rider.

9.) Attend clinics and demos

Watching experts at work can give you the tools to take away and practice on your horse. As well as being very motivating you may learn how to cope with difficult situations or achieve your goals.

10.) Give yourself some security

A neckstrap or handy tool such as the RS-tor helps riders falling off or becoming unseated if the horse plays up or spooks . The RS-tor attaches to either side of the saddle and the rider holds the handle for security.

To read the full article on 20 ways to become a more confident rider why not pick up a copy of the magazine ‘Your Complete Guide to Riding’ from Horse Magazine today or wait for our next week’s blog to find out more top confidence tips!

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