Posted by: rstor | April 16, 2014

Becoming a Confident Rider with RS-tor & Horse Magazine Part 1

Horse Special Edition May 2014

Horse Magazine recently published their special edition magazine for Spring. The Complete Guide to Riding from Horse Magazine is now available from a wide range of retailers nationwide and RS-tor were thrilled to be asked to sponsor a section dubbed ’20 ways to become a confident rider. ‘

In our latest blog which will be part one of a series we take a look at the feature and share the top tips for rider confidence with you all.


Top Tips to Become a more Confident Rider 

1.) Find the right instructor

A good riding instructor will help to build your confidence as well as improving your riding skills. Having lessons from someone you like and believe in is a huge step to your confidence.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a lesson with a different instructor if you are not gelling with the person currently teaching you.

2.) Watch other riders

Once you have had your own lesson if time permits hang around and watch some of the other lessons going on. There is nothing better than gaining insight and motivation from watching others, especially if they are more advanced than you are.

There is always something to learn and you will probably discover that other people have their own problems and difficulties too.

3.) Set Goals

Setting yourself realistic goals means you will always have something new to aim for. Keep it simple with easy targets at first and build up to something more challenging over time.

4.) Share the Fun

Riding with friends can give you an extra boost to try new things or tackle scary situations. Riders often feel safer when they ride with others. If you share a lesson with another rider you can learn from each other and can save you money too!

5.) Be a Big Fish in a Small Pond

Sometimes spending more time gaining confidence at the top of the class is more beneficial than being stuck at the bottom at a higher level. By staying a big fish in a small pond for as long as you can you allow yourself some time at the top before you take on your next challenge!

The RS-tor allows riders of all levels to stay safe and secure in the saddle. The RS-tor safety aid’s fall prevention capabilities come into action when the horse spooks, bucks, rears, cat leaps or stumbles but it’s confidence boosting experiences are always experienced.

The product attaches to the stirrup bars and has an innovative ‘bungee’ element which helps prevent rider falls from the saddle by absorbing  the velocity of being unseated.

The RS-tor is suitable for all disciplines and level of riding ability. For more information visit the website 

To read the full article on 20 ways to become a more confident rider pick up a copy of the magazine ‘Your Complete Guide to Riding’ from Horse Magazine today or visit their website for plenty more tips and advice





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