Posted by: rstor | February 5, 2014

RS-tor Rider Michaela Huntington Featured in Horse & Hound Magazine

Horse & Hound Jan 2014


RS-tor sponsored rider Michaela Huntington has made the headlines in a recent edition of Horse & Hound.

Here at RS-tor we are really proud of Michaela, who recently had a baby, named Charlie just four months ago, and is now back in the saddle and snapping up a win at Addington.

Horse & Hound report that Michaela and her equine partner Alegro Z, known at home as Zena, were the sole competitors which executed an ultra-tight turn inside a pair of obsolete wings to net the Winter Novice. Michaela says “I had to get that turn- you have to take risks to qualify and I had the right tools for the job.”

Micheala bought Alegro Z just two months ago and has obviously got off on the right footing with the six year old mare.

Michaela says “I was told I’d lose my nerve after having a baby, but I am mad as ever, and twice as hungry!”

Well done Michaela from the whole team at RS-tor.

Michaela stays safe in the saddle with the RS-tor Riding Safety Aid. The RS-tor helps to improve rider confidence as the rider safety aid helps to prevent falls and riders secure in the saddle. Michaela says “If a rider does have a break, and is a little nervous about getting back in the saddle, the best bit of equipment to use for extra stability is the RS-tor rider safety aid, in my experience.”

The RS-tor’s webbing assembly incorporates two shock absorbers and provides a handle to hold onto, similar to holding a riding crop, which  simply hooks onto your stirrup bar.

For more information or to purchase yours today visit the website 

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