Posted by: rstor | December 4, 2013

Polly Tucker; RS-tor Advocate Shares her Safety Tips!

Equestrian Life October 2013


Polly Tucker, RS-tor advocate is a event rider and this autumn she shares her top tips for preventing falls and accidents when riding.

Polly says ” During late autumn and winter time there is a higher risk of accidents when horse riding as a result of reduced daylight and slippery ground so here are my five top tips for staying safe in the saddle.”

Top Tips from RS-tor Rider Polly Tucker

1.) Chose a correctly fitting horse riding safety helmet. Your riding hat is so important and a quality item is essential.

2.) Wear a body protector particularly when jumping. Eventing, my discipline, is considered one of the most hazardous equestrian disciplines and thoracic and lumbar back injuries are common so when hunting and jumping and where suitable when hacking always wear a BETA approved body protector.

3.) Be safe on the roads, be safe and be seen and embrace the trend for fluoresent tabards, rugs and accessories. Remember wearing high vis has been shown to increase drivers breaking time by up to 3 seconds!

4.) Choose a riding safety aid. The RS-tor was designed to develop rider balance and help to prevent falls or allow the rider to fall in a controlled manner. Visit the website to find out more

5.) Develop your riding balance Two main elements aid equilibrium; good core balance and and whole body balance, the latter gained through co-ordinated muscle strength. Ask your instructor to help develop a flatwork programme that includes work without stirrups; this will aid key strength in the seat and leg muscles.

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