Posted by: rstor | November 20, 2013

RS-tor Testimonial


Here at RS-tor we love to receive positive testimonials about our product and really take pride in helping riders stay safe and improve their confidence. 

Pauline Turner from Banbury got in touch and shared her testimonial for the RS-tor riding safety aid with us. Here is what she had to say…

“My horse is a little inclined to spin – at a rapid rate of knots – if a pheasant suddenly appears, or a pigeon flies up – you name it. Very unerving, especially if, like me, you are an older (62)/returning rider whose responses are not as fast as they were at 30! I have been ‘decked’ 6 times in the 7 years I’ve owned my mare, and it left me very wary, with little or no confidence, especially when riding on my own.

I bought an RS-tor device after I saw it advertised in Central Horse News magazine and since then I have never looked back. I know that my mare always spins to the left, so now I hold the RS-tor in my left hand, which keeps me in place and far more balanced in the saddle if a spin should happen. She is less insecure, stops, and we both then move on. I’m touching wood here, as I type,  but we haven’t had a ‘spin’ for 18 months. I feel so much more secure, and as a result, I’m sure my horse does too. Thank you RS-tor, this has been money very well spent!

For more information about the RS-tor and how the riding safety aid can help keep riders in the saddle and encourage confidence visit the website 



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