Posted by: rstor | November 11, 2013

RS-tor; Keeping Our Customers Safer, Sharon’s Story.

Here at RS-tor we think that nothing truly speaks louder than a positive testimonial from one of of customers. We love hearing from RS-tor users and how the rider safety aid encourages them to feel more confident, ride more positively and keep them secure and safe in the saddle. 

We recently heard from RS-tor Facebook fan Sharon Malone who says her RS-tor “saved her bacon” and so we thought we would share her story with you.

Sharon says ” My RS-tor definitely saved my bacon today. Unfortunately I did still come off, but I managed to sit through a great number of huge bucks thank to the RS-tor and I think I would have stayed if the saddle hadn’t slipped. When I did come off I landed on the road, which could have caused me to be badly hurt, but thanks to the RS-tor I wasn’t. Without the RS-tor I would have fallen faster, and from a higher height.

I originally purchased the RS-tor after being thrown off in a similar manner in January, an accident which despite being on springy grass caused me to break my Coccyx whereas this time I was thrown on a tarmac road and walked away with just a few bruises.

Thank you for such a great product. I couldn’t see how it would work at all prior to today but thank god I had it! In additional holding the RS-tor also allows me to retain hold of my horse, which is really important when falling on the road!”

TheRS-tor helps to improve rider confidence as the rider safety aid helps to prevent falls and riders secure in the saddle.

The RS-tor’s webbing assembly incorporates two shock absorbers and provides a handle to hold onto, similar to holding a riding crop, which  simply hooks onto your stirrup bars to give you a handle on any situation including rears, bucks, cat leaps and spooks.

To find out more about the RS-tor visit the website 


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