Posted by: rstor | November 6, 2013

RS-tor Blenheim Competition Winner Julie Biggs Tells Her Story

Local Rider November 2013 (2)


The November edition of Local Rider Magazine featured the story of Julie Biggs, the winner of recent RS-tor competition to win tickets to Blenheim. We were thrilled to announce Julie as the winner of the pair of free tickets to Blenheim Horse Trials and thought she was a very deserved winner of the prize. 

Here is her story…

Horse riding is a thrilling, exciting and fulfilling sport. However it can, like all sports, sometimes be dangerous, particularly if you suffer from a physical challenge. The RS-tor rider safety aid helps to combat that danger by helping riders stay in the saddle in the event of situations such as a spook or a buck. It has proved very popular with riders who have physical challenges:

Julie Biggs suffers with spina bifida and scoliosis, and regularly enjoys horse riding with the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA).

“I used to ride as a child, but had to stop as I had to have a full spinal fusion at 14 – this put a halt to my riding, but two years ago I went with a friend to photograph the RDA regionals, and I was inspired! After talking to my daughter I decided to register with the RDA, and in October 2011 I got back on a horse! Despite my excitement I must admit I was utterly petrified.

In the December of that year I went to Olympia, and there I bought my RS-tor, which has revolutionised my horse riding confidence. The RS-tor has helped me with my balance and my confidence, and even helped me when the horse decided to buck. I feel like when I ride with the RS-tor, it is like having a seatbelt on!

With the help and support of the fabulous RDA instructors, in May 2012 I qualified for the national championships, and in the September of that year, my faithful friend Louis (pictured) arrived at the RDA, and we really bonded. We took part in the regionals, but missed out on the nationals by 1 point – I came 3rd out of 15. But at the next competition at Wellington Country Park, this time we won with 73%, and I felt confident and balanced in the saddle. My advice is that it’s never too late; I’m 50 and no matter what disability you have, then live life to the best of your ability!”

We think Julie is truly inspirational and we are proud that she is such a fan of the RS-tor. For more information about the RS-tor and the different situations it can help with including safety, security and stability alongside confidence.  


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