Posted by: rstor | October 25, 2013

Watch RS-tor Sponsored Rider Sarah Millis’s Pupil Kay Maxstead Strut Her Stuff!

RS-tor are proud to sponsor professional Dressage rider Sarah Millis and Sarah, in turn, enjoys supporting her fantastic pupil Kay Maxstead. Recently featured in Horse and Hound, Kay and her horse Privaldi have recently enjoyed a highly successful European tour including a visit to Fot CDI where they won both the Grand Prix and the Special!

Sarah Millis, Kay Maxstead’s trainer is a leading dressage trainer and rider, and she finds the RS-tor a useful riding aid. Sarah has represented Great Britain at many European dressage championships and senior international events.

Sarah says “The RS-tor may be useful if you need to keep your hands up and mobile, in comparison to a neck strap or balance strap, whereby your hands are low and fixed. As an example, if a horse starts to buck, the RS-tor allows you movement to try and get the horse’s head up, while also keeping you secure. The RS-tor does work.”

To find out more about the RS-tor and the riders that advocate the product visit the website 

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