Posted by: rstor | October 9, 2013

Build your Confidence Horse Riding

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Here at RS-tor we know that your confidence when horse riding is vitally important both in order to promote your enjoyment when riding and to protect your safety. The RS-tor helps to improve rider confidence as the rider safety aid helps to prevent falls and keep you secure in the saddle.

The RS-tor’s webbing assembly incorporates two shock absorbers and provides a handle to hold onto, similar to holding a riding crop, which  simply hooks onto your stirrup bars to give you a handle on any situation including rears, bucks, cat leaps and spooks.

As RS-tor is passionate about horse rider’s safety and confidence we thought we would share with you our top tips from improving confidence when horse riding

Top Tips from RS-tor for Improving Horse Riding Confidence

1.) Your breathing is incredibly important when horse riding as receiving sufficient oxygen when riding provides us with the fuel for our muscles to work effectively. Not only does the rate of our breathing influence our stress levels but it also affects our sensitive horses that can “pick up on” our breathing. Try and get in tune with your horse’s breathing when riding and use this to find a rhythm when you are feeling nervous. If your breathing becomes rapid ask your horse to halt and breathe in for seven seconds and out for seven seconds,  four or five times to help relax you.

2.) Smile! Smiling releases endorphines, so try cracking a grin when you’re on board. Even if you feel silly, exaggerate your smile and it will make yourself feel good and increase your confidence!

3.) Improve your own balance and fitness in order to maintain success on board. Invest in a swiss ball and practice sitting and balancing on this or why not consider taking up yoga or pilates?

4.) Whether you are hacking, schooling, cross country training or jumping always ride with your RS-tor in order to limit the risk of you falling by providing you with an easy to hold handle which helps to anchor you to the saddle and improve your balance whatever your horse throws at you!

5.) Take the pressure off and remember to keep your training fun! Stay on the look out for new fun things to try such as visiting the beach, taking part sponsored rides or trec events to keep both you and your horse engaged and positive.

For more information about the RS-tor visit the website

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