Posted by: rstor | September 18, 2013

Susi Rogers Hartley Reports from Blenheim Horse Trials

Susi Rogers Hartley with her dog Lex _

RS-tor is proud to sponsor para rider Susi Rogers Hartley. Susi competes in para show jumping and dressage with her horse 10 year old Irish Sports Horse Seamus (Dante Silver Dollar)

Susi recently completed a show jumping demonstration at Blenheim International Horse Trials. Here is what Susi had to say about the weekend…

” I have had another fantastic year at Blenheim. Despite the horrendous weather reports, it stayed relatively dry during the day – so thank you to Mother Nature!

The Saturday demonstration was a bit hit and miss with poor Seamus being wound up by the fun fair, but he jumped beautifully landing with a celebratory buck. Is there an official dressage movement for leg yield hand stands?!

Gareth from the Light Cavalry sat on Seamus backstage to try to calm him down – when he got off, he told me Seamus was more of a horse than he is used to!!
However on Sunday I got my beautiful calm pony back. Whether it was because we had stolen Jack the Shetland to distract his attention away from the fun fair or whether he has used up all his adrenaline from the previous days performance I am not sure but I I could have jumped him all day! Simon, my trainer obviously thought I was doing the High Jump as he just kept putting them up higher and higher, wider and wider! But woohoo! We just sailed over them! 

Thank you very much to my support team, Simon T, Ginny, Janine, Georgia and John and Ann and Keith.

And a huge thank to everyone who braved the weather to watch all the displays in the Attractions Arena including Seamus and I!” 

For more information about Susi and the RS-tor visit the website to find out how the RS-tor can help with confidence, security and stability in the saddle in all disciplines. 

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