Posted by: rstor | July 29, 2013

Stay Safe in the Saddle and On the Ground with Horses


We at RS-tor understand the important of keeping safe in the saddle but what about limiting risks when handling horses on the ground?

If you handle horses regularly or simply take part in horse riding lessons occasionally utilising safety precautions when grooming, leading, tacking up and generally handling every horse or pony is essential. Safety precautions will prevent accidents and injuries such as trampled toes, kicks, bites or being dragged as even the calmest horse or smallest pony has the potential to hurt someone if it is startled or scared.

It is always important to remember that however loving and gentle your equine is that the horse is naturally a prey animal and even when based in a domesticated lifestyle it is natural to our horses to retain these instincts. Their innate instincts means that the horse has the ability to react quickly which is important as they are designed to out-run predators in the wild.

A Few Simple Measures Can Make All the Difference…

1.) Be calm and quiet around your equines. Limiting sudden movements will reduce the chance of your horse shying, kicking or jumping.

2.) Always lead your horse with a safe, well made headcollar and lead rope. Never to hook your fingers through any straps, rings or the bit if leading in a bridle to avoid your fingers being caught, trapped or injured if your horse pulls away or causing you to be dragged.

3.)The safest place to stand is beside your horse’s shoulder where both you and your horse can see each other. Remember never to stand directly behind a horse regardless of how close your relationship is with your horse.

4.) Always remember to tie a quick release knot when securing your horse so that if your horse panics, feels constrained or becomes scared and pulls he can quickly be freed. Never forget that a scared horse is a dangerous horse.

5.) Always wear sturdy shoes or boots that will protect your feet if your horse or pony steps on them. Don’t wear sandals or thin shoes even if you are just popping to the yard quickly; you may regret it!

These simple safety measures can help keep you safe and injury free when handling your horses so that you can continue to enjoy your equines to the full! The RS-tor Riding Safety Aid can keep you secure in the saddle limiting the risk of falls when you are schooling, hacking or jumping promoting your confidence in the saddle. For more information visit the website

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