Posted by: rstor | June 18, 2013

The RS-tor for Hacking

The warmer weather has given us all the itch to get out hacking and enjoying the countryside but it can be tricky when our confidence on the roads and in the great outdoors isn’t up to scratch.

The best way to combat fear is to understand what you can do when your horse spooks out hacking.

Remember as a flight animal your equine will be inclined to run away from something they are afraid of. It’s your job, through your riding, to convince him that there is nothing to be afraid of and it’s safe to walk past.

If you see a potential hazard ahead:

  • Reassure your horse with your voice if your horse is nervous; this is a powerful way to give your horse confidence and help calm your nerves too.
  • If you have to ride past someone operating machinery try to catch the operator’s attention and if possible ask him to turn off any loud machines whilst you ride past.
  • If your horse won’t go forward and you are in company, ask for a lead from another horse. If you are by yourself and your horse is really objecting to moving towards the hazard, it is probably safer to take an alternative route if possible.
  • Treat any roadworks as a stationary vehicle. Keep to the left, look behind in good time and check for oncoming traffic when moving your horse past an obstacle.
  • Remember if safe, signal right and retake the reins before passing the hazard. Give a ‘life-saver’ look behind before moving out around the obstacle – allowing sufficient clearance.

Utilising basic safety measures will help you to keep you and your equine safe on the roads. hacking image

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