Posted by: rstor | June 12, 2013

RS-tor Advocate Rider Susi Rogers Hartley Needs Your Support!


Oxfordshire-based horse rider Susi Rogers Hartley is calling on equestrian lovers, horsey businesses and local companies to help support her in her hour of need.

Susi, a dressage and show jumping rider, competes at a very high level and has represented her country as a para-rider – her dream is to compete at the Paralympics, as she is paralysed from the waist down, a result of a devastating spinal injury acquired when she was in the Navy.

Susi, one of the UK’s most inspirational equestrian personalities, desperately needs a new power wheelchair to allow her to live a less complicated life and continue competing and caring for her popular horse, Seamus, as her power wheelchair has recently broken. It is this chair that gives Susi her lifeline, and allows her to look after, mount, ride and compete her beloved horse.

Susi is even contemplating selling Seamus in order to raise money for a new chair, something the equestrian fraternity is determined should not happen.

Susi is an avid proponent of horse riding to aid mobility, self confidence and aspirational activity for anyone that suffers from a disability, and regularly provides riding demonstrations at her own expense. Any organisation willing to support her will be aiding a motivated and ambitious person who will be an asset to the company’s brand.

Any equestrian company that can offer financial sponsorship to Susi, any business that is able to help fund a new wheelchair, or any mobility companies that are able to donate powerchairs to deserving recipients such as Susi should contact her via her new website

Interested parties should also request to join the Facebook group –

Susi says her RS-tor rider safety aid, which aids balance and helps prevent falls, is invaluable. “It enables me to stay sitting up, no matter what direction Seamus, who is a real spinner and spooker, goes in. At the RDA Championships, with the RS-Tor, I could sit up and nip in and out on the sharp turns without coming out of the ‘side door’.” says Susi

RS-tor is incredibly useful for hacking and home-training, and is allowed within British Show Jumping competitions for all riders. With permission, it may also be used in other affiliated disciplines by riders with diagnosed disabilities as an aid or adaptation as shown in Susi’s case.

For more information visit the website


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