Posted by: rstor | May 22, 2013

Sponsored Rider Susi Rogers Hartley Features in Your Horse Magazine

YH June Susis canine partners feature page 3

Susi Rogers Hartley sustained a spinal injury at the age of 16 that caused paraplegia, but that certainly hasn’t stopped her in her tracks. This inspirational rider competes in British Para Show Jumping competitions and Para Dressage whilst being paralysed from the waist down; but she is never without her RS-tor which helps to aid her stability whilst in the saddle.

Susi says her RS-tor rider safety aid, which aids balance and helps prevent falls, is invaluable. “It enables me to stay sitting up, no matter what direction Seamus, who is a real spinner and spooker, goes in. At the RDA Championships, with the RS-Tor, I could sit up and nip in and out on the sharp turns without coming out of the ‘side door’.” says Susi

Your Horse magazine has recently featured an article documenting the life and successes of Susi Rogers Hartley with both her horse Seamus and dog Major and we at RS-tor are proud to be associated with her.

To read the full article pick up a copy of Your Horse Magazine today.

RS-tor is incredibly useful for hacking and home-training, and is allowed within British Show Jumping competitions for all riders. With permission, it may also be used in other affiliated disciplines by riders with diagnosed disabilities as an aid or adaptation as shown in Susi’s case.

The RS-tor is available in three sizes, Childs, S and M/L, with adults over 5ft usually selecting M/L. Visit for info. Priced £44.99.




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