Posted by: rstor | May 8, 2013

Michaela Huntington Highlights the Necessity of Straightness in Her Latest Column

Kyla's column may AH mag


Our sponsored rider Michaela Huntington is a show jumper and riding instructor. In her latest column featured in Absolute Horse magazine she tells the story of how her winning ride Zerro came to her, with whom she won the Blue Chip Star final twice and competed internationally in the British Nations Cup, Hickstead Derby and HOYS, and a bit about Zerro’s owners daughter India and her riding aspirations; including riding Zerro!

Michaela also highlights the importance of working your horse in straight lines and maintaining straight work when riding in order to promote balance, suppleness and a stable, secure horse and rider- alongside using your RS-tor!

Here is what Michaela has to say…

“Working your horse in straight lines-it may sound easy, but it can be so hard to do. As riders we tend to ride along the arena fence too often, and as a result our horses tend to rely on it- as we would rely on a staircase banister. When we then need to ride down the three quarter line or the centre line, either to do a dressage test, jump a fence or even to do pole work, your horse could fall in or out creating a snake like effect where you wobble from one side to the other. Therefore it is essential to practice riding off the track in your flatwork routine using your outside aids to block him falling out and your inside leg to stop him falling in. If this is done on a regular basis in all paces, when you come to do a dressage test, jumping off the track or pole work, your approach line should be easier to perfect.” Michaela says.

To read the full article pick up your copy of South East Rider today or for more information about the RS-tor the innovative product which sponsors Kyla visit the website today





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