Posted by: rstor | March 3, 2013

The RS-tor is approved for use within Jump Cross competitions

We have exciting news! The RS-tor rider safety aid has been officially approved as a product that can be used at Jump Cross events.

Jump Cross is a relatively new equestrian sport, combining cross country with show jumping; the course is set cross country style, with around 25 fences up and down hills, and though water. All the fences can be knocked down like show jumps, so competitors have the excitement of cross country, combined with the accuracy of show jumping. Classes vary in height – see for details.

Jump Cross Instructor and British Horse Society Assistant Instructor Michaela Huntington is delighted that the product has gained approval. “It’s great to know that the RS-tor rider safety aid is ‘legal’ for use in all Jump Cross activities, so all competitors can feel safe and secure when competing. I use and recommend the RS-tor to my clients, as it can definitely aid stability in the saddle and prevent a fall, especially on an unpredictable horse,” she says.

The RS-tor may also be used in affiliated British Show Jumping competitions but may only be used in the warm-up sections of affiliated British Dressage and British Eventing contests. It does not contravene Pony Club equipment rules and may generally be used within BSPS Heritage and Tiny Tots showing classes. Always check with your event’s ground jury if unsure.

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