Posted by: rstor | February 11, 2013

Polly Tucker experiences the ups and downs of horses

RS-tor sponsored rider, Polly Tucker, of PRT Eventing, competes a string of event horses nationally – here, she shares the ups and downs of her equestrian competition as published in Equestrian Life magazine.

So, we start a new year – let’s hope 2013 will be DRIER than 2012! What a year it has been. The last event of 2012 was a 3-day event at Aldon Horse Trials; Aldon has been my nemesis event, as I never seem to have good luck there. This time we took part in the BE100 Open with Sky, this event actually ran over most of the ‘N’ and ‘CIC*’ track. The first day we almost missed our dressage slot, so only had a five minute warm up. We produced a decent test, but I definitely felt we could have produced a stronger mark. We had the luxury of staying off site for the three days on the Melbury Estate with fellow event rider Lee Honeysett.

The next day was our favourite day, roads and tracks and steeplechase, followed by XC. I think Sky was a little confused by the roads and tracks and was always looking out for an XC fence. On steeplechase, we powered round and were the quickest round all day! XC was one of the best rides I have had on Sky, and we scooted round, even adding our own extra fence in the shape of spectator tape!!! We scored a fast, clean clear with no time. The final day we trotted up in order of placings and I was lying top six, so it was a very long, nervous wait.

As we tacked up for showjumping I commented to mum on how unhappy and tired Sky looked; when we jumped, unusually for Sky he was quiet and slow over his fences. We were clear until three from home when he ran out of puff; I had to carry him home, and we incurred some faults but got home safely. On reflection and after talking with Mum, we agreed that a three day event at 18yrs had really taken it out of him. We finished top 14 still, so I was thrilled with that result, at least.

Sad news
But in sad news we later had to make the gutting decision to let Sky go. He has been a brilliant schoolmaster and has given me so much fun over the two years I have ridden him; he was due to go back to his owners next May, but our hand was tied due to space issues at home, because my ex FEI pony that was on loan was returned to us with little notice. It left us in a difficult position, as we just have three stables at home. As his owners didn’t have room to have Sky back, we helped find him a new local home with a older lady who would like to do the odd bit of jumping, but would like to mainly concentrate on dressage, and progress with him.

Silver linings
However we recently heard that I have been offered the sale of a very BIG 12 year old event horse; he is 17.1hh and has qualified 3*, and competed open intermediate (OI) and 2*. I will keep you posted, as this would be a great start to the 2013 season for me.

Eq Life Jan 2013 polly column

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