Posted by: rstor | November 2, 2011

ETN reports on RSTor’s value for riders with disabilities or assistance needs

We are delighted to be featured in this month’s ETN magazine, the industry’s trade title – here’s what the magazine says in their ‘assistance products’ feature-

The RS-tor rider safety aid is widely used by riders of all disciplines to aid safety and stability in the saddle, and saw a redesign in 2011 that included a new ergonomic end-piece, plus adjustable fixing straps to the saddle D-bars.

According to Lee Buck of manufacturer Polypads, the RS-tor packaging clearly displays the ergonomic end-piece. “Customers can see and feel the item without having to take it out of its packaging, and see if it meets their dexterity needs,” he states.

The product, designed to arrest a rider’s fall or allow them to fall in a more controlled manner, is held in the hand like a riding crop – the RS-tor’s fall prevention aspect does not come into effect unless the horse spooks, bucks, rears, cat-leaps or stumbles, although its confidence-boosting benefits are always experienced.

Highly-regarded rider Susi Rogers Hartley sustained a spinal injury thirteen years ago that caused paraplegia; she competes within British Show Jumping and British Para Show Jumping Association competitions, and does not ride without her RS-tor. “The product always comes in handy during my horses’ frolics,” Susi says.

“It is invaluable and enables me to stay sitting up, no matter what direction my horse goes in; I have still had a few falls, but they’ve been drastically reduced, which I put solely down to the RS-tor. It is great, especially with my sharp horse Seamus, a real spooker and spinner.”

The RS-tor may be used in affiliated British Show Jumping competitions but may only be used in the warm-up sections of affiliated British Dressage and British Eventing contests. It does not contravene Pony Club equipment rules and may generally be used within BSPS Heritage and Tiny Tots showing classes.

The RS-tor is available in three sizes, Childs, S and M/L, with adults over 5ft usually selecting M/L. Visit for info. Priced £44.99.

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