Posted by: rstor | September 29, 2011

Donna Sharman shares her experience with the RS-tor rider safety aid

We always love to hear how our customers are getting on and it made us smile to find out just how much the RS-tor had helped rider Donna Sharman. “Love it! Yet again the RS-Tor saved me from a nasty fall today. Amongst other horses I have a Welshie on loan, when I was thinking of taking her on several people warned me off her because she was so spooky. I use the RS-Tor for hacking and its been a huge help when pheasants decide to spring out in front of us or calves suddenly appear from behind hedges! The ultimate save however was a couple of weeks ago when we were doing our first ODE together, and just as I cleared the biggest fence on the XC course beautifully she suddenly spied the photographer kneeling in the grass and shot off sideways on landing! Thankfully due to my RS-Tor we didnt part company (just as well – she’s difficult to catch!) I bought my RS-tor a few years ago after smashing my pelvis, I didnt want to take any chances again. Thankfully I have never parted company with any of my horses while using it since – although I have parted company a few times when I’ve not used it! Thank you :o)”

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